About Us

Marty Pavilonis was born and raised in Chicago and currently resides in Frankfort with his wife Dottie. He in an avid motorcycle enthusiast and a lifetime member of The American Motorcycle Association. He has an extensive background in business and marketing.

Marty also is a volunteer for Tony Robbins and works at several events each year to help feed over 4 million people in 56 countries worldwide .

Marty began his career in mosquito out of frustration. He was having a severe mosquito problem around his home and had difficulty finding a reputable mosquito company to help him get rid of the problem.

“They either didn’t return my phone calls, or just didn’t seem to care about me or my problem.  A couple of them said they couldn’t even come out to my house for a couple of weeks.  And I was getting eating alive by mosquitoes every time I went outside.  It was very frustrating to say the least.”

So…Marty decided to do something about it. He started his own mosquito control business, Chicago Mosquito Control. He made the commitment to himself…and his community…that he would provide a level of customer service far above what he had found previously.

At Chicago Mosquito Control, you will get the following…

  • They show up ONE TIME…EVERYTIME!

  • They get rid of the mosquitoes FAST and FOREVER!

  • They charge a FAIR PRICE and not a penny more!

  • The offer a GREAT GUARANTEE and stand behind it 100%!

  • You are always only ONE PHONE CALL away from the owner!

Listen…you don’t have to get bitten and tormented by mosquitoes every time you go outside in your yard to work or to just sit on your patio or deck to relax.  There is help available.

If you have a problem with mosquitoes…or simply a question…call Chicago Mosquito Control today at 708-774-0075 and ask for Marty Pavilonis. He’ll be happy to speak with YOU anytime!

Call today for a FREE Consultation and FREE Estimate!

“No More Mosquitoes…GUARANTEED!”